UK Water Softener Buying Guide: Learn How to Choose Based on Your Needs

UK Water Softener Buying Guide: Learn How to Choose Based on Your Needs

What is a water softener? A water softener is used to make hard water better and healthier for daily use. A water softener help gets rid of magnesium ions and calcium that makes up hard water while replacing it sodium or salt. Hard water can be measured using grains per gallon. The process through which hard water is changed to soft water is known as water softening. We have quite a number of the household appliance that we find it hard to understand or to purchase. Here are some facts and UK water softener reviews you need to put into consideration when purchasing water softeners:

The types of Water Softener

There are several types of water softener and you can find the UK water softener reviews but no matter the type you purchase, it is important to choose the one with the NSF/ANSI 44 certification as this shows that the operation of the water softener is efficient. The types of water softener include:

  • Salt-Free

This water softener makes use of potassium chloride in purifying hard water instead of salt, this is usually the most sort for by people who are particular with the amount of salt intake. This type usually acts as a scaler as it prevents the harmful substance from forming in the water.

  • Salt-Based

This salt-based water softener helps in getting rid of residues of mineral contamination from the water. It makes use of two tanks one of which is filled with resin beads and the other tank contains brine.

  • Magnetic or Descaler

This is also known as an electric water softener and it usually attached to an incoming pipe. This water softener uses its magnetic nature to turn the calcium carbonate electromagnetic properties present in the water.

  • Dual-Tank

This type of water softener is recharged constantly so as to maintain its efficiency. When is being recharged it does not soften the water. This is the reason why it is used with two tanks as there will be another tank functioning when one of it is being recharged.

Size of Water Softener

This is one of the important factors that should be considered when purchasing a water softener. To detect the best size for you, a calculation can be made and this is done by using 75 (which is the average number of water gallons used daily by one person) to multiply the number of people in the family then the result is multiplied by grains per gallon in the household water.

Features and Control of the Water Softener

Some types of water softener use automatic controls while some make use of manual controls which are adjustable in nature. Some of these manual controls include timer control which is used for regeneration of sodium in the water, DIR control which is known as the demand-initiated regeneration and it is used to determine when there is the need for the resin to be recharged.

Considering some of the factors listed above will assist you in purchasing the best water softener suitable for you as hard water makes you age faster and can also damage some important objects such as clothing or appliances in our homes.

Modern vs Traditional Bathrooms: Which one and why?

Modern vs Traditional Bathrooms: Which one and why?

The bathroom is the most private part of anyone’s home, the place where one is most vulnerable, and picking the right decor to suit your personal taste is never easy. When designing or renovating your bathroom, you can decide to do it the modern way, or the traditional way.

Identifying a Modern Bathroom:

Identifying a modern bathroom is pretty easy; it’s sleek, simple, usually white and minimal. It may seem cold to those who prefer a traditional style, but a modern bathroom is basically classy. But what makes up a modern bathroom? Modern bathrooms are nowadays made possible with technology and bathroom devices such as an electric shower and heater.

Modern bathrooms usually have a marble, wood or stone counter top. They also use free standing sinks, which are sinks that are not fixated in the counter top but instead are standing out from it. These sinks, like the counter top, can be made from wood or stone. If your budget allows, you can use darker woods like teak or have a tub made of polished stone, fancy right? For the shower, a walk in shower stall with transparent doors and a stone finish is usual in a modern bathroom.

Modern Bathrooms:

If you decide to add a bathtub, a modern bathroom’s bathtub is a rectangular tub rather than the claw foot tub used in a traditional bathroom, and these tubs are free standing such that you can sit or stand in them, depending on what you’re doing. A modern bathroom is not complete without towel hangers, although they are usually placed out of sight beside the tub.

Metal is better for your towel hanger, because it seems shiny and polished. A modern bathroom does not use bright colors, and so we’re looking at neutral colors like black, grey or preferably white.

The shapes in a modern bathroom also rhyme; when your sink is rectangular, your bathtub is the same too. That way it gives it uniformity and the sleekness that it’s supposed to have. You should do a lot of research if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom into a modern style.

Traditional Bathrooms: 

Traditional bathrooms on the other hand are generally the opposite of modern bathrooms. They are not sleek or simple, and they have a more Victorian or colonialist look. The furniture in traditional bathrooms, like modern bathrooms, are made with natural materials. But it mostly made of wood, like the benches, chairs or sink cabinets. The sink and counter top is usually made with porcelain or stone, and the types of sinks are usually basis, consoles or pedestals.

For the bathtub, the claw foot tub is perfect and to make it more traditional, it is usually polished porcelain. Traditional bathrooms use a lot of metal in accessories like faucets, lamps or hardware. Some of them use iron, copper or bronze.

Traditional bathrooms use a lot of linens like towels, shower curtains, window shades or mats. Instead of a neutral color, it uses more traditional colors like red, blue, green or even brown. If you need some ideas on how to transform your bathroom into a traditional one, click here to explore a lot of options.

Final Verdict:

The choice you make ultimately depends on your personal preferences.

If you’re looking for something old school, bright and comforting, a traditional bathroom is ideal for you.

But if you need something classy, white and technologically powered, then go for the modern bathroom. All in all, choose the one that is best for you.


Refitting Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Choose the Best Electric Shower

Refitting Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Choose the Best Electric Shower

Is it time to upgrade to a new electric shower? If so, the process at first may seem a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. It’s only a matter of identifying the type of water system you have and choosing the right shower for you. The process is rather simple and straightforward. You should never hesitate to ask a professional during any part of the process. While installation is simple, knowing which electric shower to buy may not be. You may have to consult someone from your local hardware store to help you through that part of the buying process.

The reasons for an electric shower vary

You may be the type who’s trying to go green. Cutting down on your carbon footprint is always a good thing. There’s also the side effect of paying less money to heat water. That too is always a good thing. You can kill two birds with one stone by adding an electric shower to your bathroom. You will be doing good for the environment and saving a little cash in the process as well. Those are two things that can have a significant impact on you and those whom you care about the most.

Pump or no pump?

The choice of using a pump or not depends on the amount of water pressure you have. If you have plenty of water pressure, then a pump is not required. If, however, you have low water pressure, then you’re going to have to buy a shower system with a pump. If you don’t, then you’re going to have very little pressure. As you can imagine taking a meaningful shower is next to impossible without enough force to wash.

What goes best with your decor?

Are you only replacing the shower or are you redoing the entire bathroom? Replacing a shower in an existing bathroom is easier. You already know what the bathroom looks like and you can choose a shower that fits the current design. It’s a little more tricky if you’re planning an entire bathroom remodelling job. A little guesswork will be needed to chose what you feel is the right shower. The safe bets are chrome and simple designs. Chrome looks good almost anywhere, and the same thing could be said about ordinary white.

It’s all about the showerhead

Your family probably won’t care all that much about what type of shower you buy. They will only care about the showerhead. It’s the part of the shower that they’ll use every day of the week. Almost all showerheads are interchangeable with every electric shower. If you’re in doubt, then ask where you’re buying yours from. They should be able to tell you if they work. Better yet, they can check on the premise to make sure everything works before you buy it. This would be the best way to ensure that both the shower and the showerhead work together flawlessly.

A word to those who want digital showers

Nothing feels better than being able to dial in the exact temperature of the water. You won’t be able to do that with an electric shower. However, you can use the dials to make sure that the water is to your liking. You won’t be able to set the exact temperature the way you can with a digital shower.